Dial C For Chihuahua (Barking Detective #1)

7571 stars
Waverly Curtis

Dial C For Chihuahua (Barking Detective #1) by Waverly Curtis PDF, TXT, ePub, PDB, RTF, FB2.

Title Dial C For Chihuahua (Barking Detective #1)
Rating 7571 stars
Author Waverly Curtis
Pages 343
Isbn 0758274955
Review I found this book to be a charming fantasy detective novel. The simple fact that this vulnerable young woman, divorced and unable to move easily onwards in her life, desperately needing a paying job, and being advised by counselor and friends to get herself a companion dog, accepts almost without question a rescue Chihuahua that talks, took me easily into the world of fantasy and I found myself loving the tale.

Pepe, the Chihuahua who is delighted having a surname of Sullivan, after Geri Sullivan adopts him, is very much like the commercial of a copyrighted beer, he has done everything. Pepe has been in the Mexican Circus, worked for the Federales, been a pocket-dog for a movie starlet, and more. Pepe has taught himself many languages, so Spanglish is easy for him. Pepe is the real detective, which is why this novel is the debut for 'A Barking Detective Mystery.'

Geri lands a job as a private investigator over the telephone. Having just adopted Pepe, they both go on the case and find a dead body! Pepe, who watches a good deal of crime shows on television, tries to guide his companion but it is hard going.

Meanwhile, the widow wants to train Pepe to join a Dog Dancing with the Owners conceptual reality show. Pepe who has an eye for good-looking Pomeranian lady dogs agrees immediately.

This book was a funny and yes, a fantasy delight to explore. It is not for those that want a strict by the book murder mystery, but it is a murder mystery book. I will be looking for the future novels as I love a good laugh and can afford to leave reality once in awhile.


This was a Christmas gift from one of the authors, Waverly Fitzgerald, my former mentor. I am delighted to see her in print and embarking on a very different direction in her long and successful writing career. Dial C is an entertaining romp through Seattle with an amateur slueth and her cute as all get-out companion Pepe, a talking Chihuahau. Sound absurd? In some ways it is, but I had no problem suspending disbelief and enjoying myself. This book will be popular with mystery and dog aficinados alike, especially those with obsessive Chihuahua disorder.

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